Rob's Personal Story

In 1998, my wife, in her new career as a massage therapist, began using Young Living Essential Oils as aromatherapy in her new practice. Neither she nor I knew anything about essential oils, other than that they smelled nice. In April 1999, our fifteen month old son was diagnosed with a severe respiratory condition. He was hospitalized several times, and was given intravenous steroids and nebulized prescription medication. It was heartbreaking to be powerless to help my son as he struggled to breath.
It was around this time that my wife told me there was no way she could give our little boy these medicines indefinitely. I agreed, but admitted that I knew of no alternatives. She then said that she would start researching whether any of these essential oils might help. She decided to try Young Living's "RC" blend, and we prepared our 'experiment'. While our son sat in a rocking chair watching cartoon, she put a few drops of RC in her palm, rubbed her hands together, and then started moving her hands toward his face. Without moving his eyes away from the TV, he seemed to instinctively stretch his neck toward Ann's hands and began breathing though his body knew exactly what this substance was.
The results were absolutely amazing. His breathing became normal and the shallow wheezing stopped. We continued this process every few hours (we were still giving him the nebulizer treatments since we weren't sure what the oils would do), and at bedtime we rubbed a few drops on the cloth diaper he used as his blankie. By the middle of the next day, we saw such a difference that we decided to stop giving him the nebulizer treatments. He continued to breathe normally that day, and the next...and so on. He is now 19 years old and has never had any respiratory symptoms since.
This has been an incredible journey for me and my family. Based on what we learned with our son, we began using essential oils while my second child was in-utero. And to the surprise of many (but not me), my daughter has NEVER required an antibiotic, and has NEVER had an ear infection (despite attending public preschool and secondary school).

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